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2008 Cool Kids Summer Program at Color Me Mine of Torrance.
Beach Time! June 16 - 20 & July 21 -25.
Mon-Capture your favorite summer memories in a personalized picture frame.
Tue-Create a beach scene using real sand in a plate.
Wed-Under the sea with Sponge Bob!
Thur-Create your own MP3 or cell phone sandal holder!
Fri-Aloha! Make a cool drink cup and have a pizza party.

In The Garden! June 23 - 27 & July 28 - Aug 1.
Mon-Make your own bird bath.
Tue-Make a rain boot flower vase.
Wed-Paint a birdhouse using acrylic paint.
Thur-Learn the finger painting and sponging techniques to make a summery flower pot.
Fri-Break tiles and create your own unique mosaic stepping stone.

Food Frenzie! June 30 - July 4 & Aug 4 - 8.
Mon-Visit a near-by restaurant for a kitchen tour and paint your favorite food in a plate.
Tue-Make a buttery popcorn bowl and watch "Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory" movie.
Wed-Paint your own ice cream flavor on a ice cream cup and treat ourselves to some yummy 31 flavors ice cream.
Thur-Paint a delicious chocolate heart plate.
Fri-Paint your own pizza and have a pizza party!

For My Room! July 14 - 18 & Aug 11 � 15.
Mon-Design your own mail holder for your mail.
Tue-Personalize a Name Plaque for your room.
Wed-Design your own pencil holder, jewelry or treasure boxes!
Thur-Decorate a cute animal bank using Saran wrap!
Fri-Using acrylic paint to personalize your own drawer to keep your treasures in.

Yummy Yummy! July 21 -25 & Aug 18 - 22 (last Class).
Mon-Make a Gumball Holder using flower pots.
Tue-Paint your self a fruit bowl.
Wed-Design a travel mug using stamping technique.
Thur-Paint a chocolate covered strawberry and make your own chocolate covered fruit!
Fri-Using fabric paints, you will take home a memorable Color Me Kids apron. Pizza Party! Last Class!!!!

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