Fun Kids Summer Workshops

Our fun kids summer workshops include pottery painting, mosaic, acrylic painting, arts & crafts and making pottery from clay.  It is 3 hours long per day for 5 days.  Cost is $150 plus tax.  Ages are 6 & up.  Space is limited.  10 kids per workshop.  We will cancel the workshop if there are less than 5 kids. 

July 6th ~ 10th from 9AM – 12PM (Lemon Projects)

July 13th ~ 17th from 9AM – 12PM (Magical Themed: Unicorn, Rainbow Plate, Mermaid Mug)

August 3rd ~ 7th from 9AM ~ 12PM (Techniques: Bubbles, Tape, Sponging & Stencils, Sand, Paper Towel)

August 10th ~ 14th from 9AM  ~ 12 PM (Ryan’s World Projects)

Social Distancing Guidelines:

  1. Enforce physical distancing 
  2. Wear a mask
  3. Sanitize their hands upon entering the premises, after using the bathrooms, and after sneezing or coughing.
  4. Limit 10 kids